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Privacy Policy


Below, there are general, key principles governing processing your personal data, as well as pieces of information on Cookie files that are taken advantage of within the scope of our Shop. We would like to ensure you that we want to take a proper care of your privacy. That is why the data below have been compiled basing on the GDPR, i.e. the General Data Production Regulation.


Izabela Robaczewska, entrepreneur running a business under a name ISAART Izabela Robaczewska entered into the Central Register and Information on Economic Activity kept by the right Ministry of Economy and running Central Register and Information on Economic Activity, Tax Identify no. 5841353113, REGON: 221364432, Irysowa 9 80-177 Gdansk


When you make a decision to register an Account in the Shop and take advantage of services provided by the Administrator, you will be asked to provide us with your personal data. Your data are processed for the purposes that are strictly connected with the Shop functioning and the provision of services within its scope.


1. Provision of services available within the scope of the Shop,

2. Realization of User’s orders,

3. Direct marketing of the offered services, except for newsletter

4. Sending newsletter

Legal basis for data processing:

1. Sales agreement or undertakings performed on User’s request, the aim of which is to conclude such an agreement (article 6 section 1 subsection b of the GDPR)

2. Legal requirements we have to comply with, e.g. requirements strictly connected with accounting  (article 6 section 1 subsection c of the GDPR)

3. User’s consent expressed within the framework of the Shop (article 6 section 1 subsection a of the GDPR)

4. Service provision agreement or undertakings performed on User’s request, the aim of which is to conclude such an agreement (article 6 section 1 subsection b of the GDPR)

5. Our legally justified interests based on processing data to identify, pursue, or defend against possible claims (article 6 section 1 subsection f of the GDPR)

6. Our legally justified interests based on performing direct marketing-oriented undertakings (article 6 section 1 subsection f of the GDPR)

7. Our legally justified interests based on processing data for analytical and statistical purposes (article 6 section 1 subsection f of the GDPR)

8. Our legally justified interests based on evaluating customer satisfaction (article 6 section 1 subsection f of the GDPR)

Data provision:

1 Voluntary, yet necessary in some cases to allow for agreement conclusion.

2 Consent can be withdrawn at any time.

Outcomes of the failure to provide requested data:

Depending on the purpose of their provision:

  • inability to register in the Shop
  • inability to utilize the Shop
  • inability to make purchases within the Shop
  • inability to receive information on promotions and special offers offered within the Shop


Your data will be processed for a legally justified period of time only, namely until:

1. we are legally bound to process personal data you have provided us with

2. we are capable of identifying, pursing, or defending possible claims strictly pertaining to an agreement concluded via the Shop by the parties involved

3. you withdraw your consent for data processing, providing that such consent constituted our legal basis for data processing

4. you rightfully refuse us to process your personal data – in the case the basis for your data processing has been a justified interest of the Administrator or if your personal data have been utilized for direct marketing-oriented purposes, including profiling

- depending on which factor applies to a particular case and which one will occur the latest.


While processing your personal data, we utilize organizational and technical means that are in line with the applicable law regulations. We utilize connection encoding based on the SSL certificate.


You shall have the right to request:

1. accessing your personal data,

2. amending them,

3. deleting them,

4. limiting the scope of their utilization,

5. transferring such data to a different administrator,

6. us stopping to process your personal data:

- for purposes connected with your specific situation – in connection to processing your personal data based on article 6 section 1 subsection f of the GDPR (i.e. legally justified interests of the administrator), including profiling in compliance with said principles,

- if your personal data are processed for the purpose of direct marketing, including profiling, to the extent the processing in question is connected with direct marketing.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to take advantage of your rights or if you are of the opinion that your data are processed in an improper manner.


The Shop takes advantage of the so-called Cookie files that:

1. are saved by the server on the device (computer/mobile phone etc.) of the user visiting the website of the Shop.

2. allow for, inter alia, utilizing all the functions of the Shop

3. make it possible for the Administrator to adjust the website [] to the individual preferences and factual needs of the Ordering Party

4. are saved to: save information on your session, as well as to collect data to aid the Seller in statistical and marketing undertakings

5. are fully safe for computers, especially due to the fact that they cannot transmit or be infected with viruses. Nevertheless, the Ordering Party may limit or completely deactivate Cookie files to make it impossible for them to access his or her computer. In the case of opting for the function, navigating the website may become difficult or nearly impossible, negatively affecting the usefulness of various functions implemented.

By using proper options of your browser, you can, at any time:

1 delete Cookie files

2 block the use of Cookie files in the future

In order to learn how to manage Cookie files, including how to disable their use by your browser, you can always familiarize yourself with the content of the help file included in your browser.

IP address

The seller shall reserve the right to gather IP addresses of users visiting the website, which can be helpful while diagnosing technical problems with the server or creating statistical data (e.g. specifying regions in which website traffic is the greatest). What is more, they may be useful while administering and improving the quality of the XXX website.


We also utilize services provided by external entities that may be provided with your data. The list of possible recipients of your data is presented below:

  • providers of software required to manage the online shop
  • entities ensuring the delivery of ordered goods
  • payment management-oriented entities
  • accounting office
  • hosting service provider
  • entities ensuring technical support
  • entities ensuring an e-mail message management system
  • entities providing marketing services
  • entities providing statistical services
  • social media
  • public entities – to the extent to which the Administrator is required to provide them with User’s data


1. This Privacy Policy does not include any pieces of information pertaining to goods or services offered by entities other than the Seller that have been published on the website in exchange, for free, or for any other purpose not being a strictly commercial one.

2. Seller shall not be held responsible for actions performed by or acts of negligence of the Ordering Parties personal data of whom are being processed by the Seller on terms specified in this Privacy Policy.

3. Seller shall reserve the right to introduce changes, delete, or modify functions and capabilities of ISAART, as well as to quit the business, transfer the rights to ISAART and to perform all legal actions available in the currently applicable legal regulations. To avoid any doubts, the Ordering Party shall not be allowed to pursue any claims against the Seller with regard to the above.

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