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This Regulations specifies (among others) conditions of conclusion of sales contracts through on-line shop. It contains the most important information about Seller, The Shop and Consumer rights.  


1 On-line Website under electronic address is running by ISAART Izabela Robaczewska Company located in Gdansk, Irysowa 9 (Street), NIP (tax identification number): 5841353113, e-mail:

2 This Regulations set out rules of using Website under electronic address (Shop), which is used to show goods from ISAART Izabela Robaczewska - located in Gdansk on Irysowa 9 Street - offer (Seller); to make purchases and to keep orders; to service retail sale running by Seller.

3 This Regulations is mentioned in art. 8 in the Act on The Provision of Electronic Services

4 The place where agreements are concluded is located at Irysowa 9 (Str) 80-177 Gdansk. 

5 This Regulations specify in particular:

a) rules of making registrations and using the account in Shop 

b) terms and conditions of making Orders to buy Goods from the Shop (electronically)

c) conditions of conclusion of sales contracts through services provided in the Shop

6 It is forbidden to deliver unlawful content and to make any interference in the Shop content, without consent of The Seller.

7 Users are allowed to get access to this Regulations anytime through reference on the Home Website, also can download it and print.

8 Before using this on-line Shop You should read this Regulations. In case of not agree with entire or a part of  this Regulations you shouldn’t use the Shop.


Business Days - the days of the week from Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays under the applicable law

Customer Account - a personalized account created for the Customer following their registration on the Online Shop Website

Consumer - Consumer in meaning of The Law (Civil Code)

Buyer - every buyer in the Shop

Ordering Party - a natural person, right or organizational unit with legal capacity, who purchases on 

Recipient - a natural person with full legal capacity, and in the cases provided for by the generally applicable provisions also a natural person with limited legal capacity; legal person or organizational unit without legal personality, making orders in the on-line Shop

Regulations - this Regulations of the on-line Shop

Shop - on-line Shop running at electronic address

Seller - Izabela Robaczewska conducting business activity under name ISAART Izabela Robaczewska with headquarters in Gdansk (80-177) at Irysowa 9 Street, having a tax identification number NIP 5841353113, REGON: 221364432

Order - conclusion of a sales contract without the simultaneous presence of the Parties using the Basket, preceded by the selection of the parameters of the Good, payment method and delivery

Cart - an electronic form through which the Purchaser places an Order

Payment - payment of the amount due for the Order placed, including the Price and Delivery Costs, in the manner specified by the Ordering Party when placing the Order.

Price - the price of the Good included in the description of the Good, expressed in Polish zlotys and including VAT; The price does not include delivery costs.                                                                        

Personal data - personal data of the Ordering Party processed in order to execute the placed Order. Personal information means any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person


1 Address: Irysowa 9 80-177, Gdańsk

2 E-mail:

3 Phone number: 884 890 504

4 Address in case of Goods Return : ul. Irysowa 9 80-177 Gdańsk


1 Prices for Goods which You see in the Shop, are total prices (with TAX). On the next step of making an order, there will be added price for delivery method chosen by a Buyer.

2 Conclusion of the sale contract between Consumer and Seller is made by submitting an Order through the Order Form on the Shop.

3 The chosen Good(s) should be added to an Order through the Cart function, which is available on the Shop. First You should verify all of the available details of the Goods You are ordering (for example color of Amber cabochon  ). 

4. In the next step Buyer is choosing from available in the Shop : method of delivery and method of payment, and also providing datas necessary for realizing an Order

5. Order is being made in the moment of confirmation its content and accept Regulations by Buyer.

6. Seler gives to the Buyer a confirmation of making a sale contract on a durable medium at the latest when the goods are delivered.

7. Buyer has to register in the Shop - that means Buyer has to create a Personal Account or making purchases without registration with putting personal datas in every further Orders. 


The Customer (who is making purchase outside of Poland) can choose from the following forms of payment :


After the order has been placed and processed, the customer will receive a confirmation by email. This confirmation will contain the order number as well as other essential information to this order. Payment must be processed to the account of ISAART Izabela Robaczewska. Please place a number of Your Order in a Title of bank transfer payment. To make a proper payment use datas from below:




Name of Bank:     BANK HANDLOWY

IBAN:    PL75103000190109853000446428


TITLE: your order number

Seller will send You Goods after money will be approved on Seller's account (We will inform You about that). Please allow 1-3 days for transfers to be recorded. If payment is not received within one week of order placement, it will be voided.


Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, MasterCard Electronic, Maestro

In this case on-line payment service is provided by Polish Company Blue Media S.A. 


Seller informs that in some methods of payments, because of its specifics, payment for an order is possible only straight after making an order .

In case of need to make a return of Goods, refund will go on the same bank account from which Ordering Party have made payment for Goods. In case of making payment via PayPal, the PayPal Regulations apply


1 Seller is obligated to send You Goods free of defects

2 Time of delivery beyond the Polish borders depends on the country of delivery. To check the approximate time of delivery, Customer is asked to contact us at:

3 Seller will send You ordered Goods after The Payment will be confirmed on Seller’s bank account

4 Shipment is possible all over the world. 

5 Goods bought in Shop are delivered through two types of delivery (depends on size of the package and destination country) 

  • via Polish Post 
  • via courier on a Buyer's request 


1 In the event of defects in the Good, in particular mechanical damage to the Good or non-conformity of the Good with the Order, the Customer is entitled to make a complaint.

2 The seller considers complaints that:

- are submitted in writing by the Buyer to the address of the Seller's registered office,

- contain the reason for submitting the complaint and possibly specify the scope of activities which the Ordering Party expects from the Seller,

- are delivered to the Seller in the original packaging together with the proof of purchase (receipt or VAT invoice),

- are signed and contain current data.

3 The Seller also considers complaints submitted via e-mail, subject to providing the data. The Seller confirms the submission of an electronic complaint by sending information along with the assigned complaint number to the email address of the Ordering Party.

4 The seller considers the complaint within 14 days of its receipt. If it is necessary to obtain the opinion of an expert or specialist expertise, this period is extended to 21 (fourteen twenty-one) days. The Seller's failure to properly lodge a complaint within the period specified above is tantamount to its consideration.

5 If the Seller accepts a complaint regarding the non-compliance of the Good with the contract, the Seller, at the choice of the Ordering Party - Consumer, will repair the Good or provide a new defective copy of the Good free of charge. In the event that it is not possible to repair or deliver new defective Goods, the Seller will refund the Purchaser - the Price paid by him.


Consumer who has concluded the sale contract out of a company area has right to withdraw from that without giving a reason in a term of 14 days. This time is counted from the date of receiving an order confirmation by a Consumer. Consumer should inform Shop about the decision of withdraw from the sale contract via e-mail and send back the Goods immediately which are:

  • not having proofs of using them 
  • In a perfect condition and are complete (having all components) 

The Goods which You are returning has to be packed with a proof of purchase and sent to the following address: 



80-177 GDAŃSK

The Shop guarantee payment return which has been received from Customer for an order (in case of free shipping : without delivery payment. In this case product return costs are not refundable). Shop does not take returns made cash on delivery. Refund will be transfer to the same bank account which were used in purchasing, or in special occasion on the bank account indicated by Customer in a term of 14 days (counted from the day of receiving Goods by Customer). In case of making payment via PayPal, the PayPal Regulations apply.


1 Seller shall not be held accountable for breaks in operation of caused due to reasons being outside said Party’s control, including especially hardware malfunction or the unauthorized access to the website by third parties.  

2 Seller shall not be held accountable for damages experienced by the Ordering Party/Seller caused by the use of an unprotected device not having an antivirus software installed, by means of which the said party has accessed the website. 


Personal data of the Clients are processed in line with the applicable principles of Polish law regulating personal data processing. They are also processed in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Such undertakings are discussed in detail in a separate section of the Shop (“Privacy Policy”)  


1. Provision of services offered via the Shop  

2. Realization of your orders

3. Direct marketing of offered services, except from newsletter  

4. Sending you our newsletter


We collect data required to realize your order (i.e. name and surname, address, phone number, and e-mail address)  


1. I hereby agree for my data to be processed by the ISAART Izabela Robaczewska Company with its seat in Gdańsk (80-177), entered into the Central Register and Information on Economic Activity kept by the Ministry of Economy, holder of the following TIN no.: 584 135 3113, owner and administrator of the online Shop dealing with retail sale of Goods available under the following URL (hereinafter referred to as „the Administrator”) . I hereby acknowledge that the following pieces of information shall be processed: my name, surname, address, phone number, and e-mail address. All the pieces of information specified above will be collected by the Administrator after receiving my consent and will allow the Administrator to contact me for the purpose of finalizing sales made via the website managed by the Administrator. 

2. Additional recipients of personal data of Shop Clients may be as follows:  

- carriers and intermediaries delivering shipments to Clients on Administrator’s request, especially in the form of postal and courier services;

- selected entity dealing with managing payments made in the Shop in the case of selecting digital or credit card payment options;  

- software providers, IT and organizational support-related entities allowing the Administrator to perform his business undertakings, including the Online Shop.  

3. Administrator shall keep User data for the period of performing business undertakings that is, as of currently, unspecified.  

4. User shall have the right to request the Administrator to grant him or her the possibility of accessing his or her personal data, amending them, deleting them, limiting the scope of their processing, withdrawing his or her consent for data processing (in cases specified in legal regulations), as well as of transferring data, withdrawing granted consent for data processing, and issuing a complaint to the advisory body.  

5. Data shall be provided by the User in a voluntary manner. In the case of the failure to provide said data, the Administrator shall be unable to realize orders placed, neither to send the User marketing information even after receiving User’s consent.  

6. Administrator can profile User’s personal data to qualify him or her as eligible for certain offered products or other activities (profiling shall be strictly related to purchase–related preferences)  

7. Client shall be responsible for protecting his or her Password and Login against the unauthorized use of third parties.  

8. Personal data of the Clients processed by the Seller may be disclosed to national authorities after receiving a proper request, for the purpose of aiding them in legal proceedings they are involved in.  


1 It shall be prohibited for the Buyer to provide illegal materials.  

2 Each and every order placed in the Shop shall constitute a separate sales agreement and shall require a separate acceptance of Terms and Conditions. Such agreement shall be concluded for the time and for the purpose of order realization.  

3 Agreements concluded on the basis of those Terms and Conditions shall be concluded in Polish.  

4 No provision of those Terms and Conditions shall exclude or limit Consumer rights resulting from law regulations.  


1 Those Terms and Conditions shall be available under the following URL:

2 Seller shall have the right to change the content of those Terms and Conditions. Changes introduced herein shall become effective 14 days after publication. To avoid any and all doubts, changes introduced to those Terms and Conditions shall not impact Orders made before the effective date. In the case of the failure to accept changes in those Terms and Conditions, the User having the Account shall have the right to resign from the digital service provision agreement (Account creation) by sending a proper notification to the Seller’s address. 

3 All the disputes resulting from the realization of the provisions of those Terms and Conditions shall be at first attempted to be settled in an amicable manner by the parties involved. In the case of the failure to do so, such matters shall be solved by a proper common court in compliance with the Act of 17th November 1964 on the code of civil procedure (the Journal of Laws of 1964, no. 43 pos. 296, with amendments).  

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